Passion Biz Philosophy 2                         by Lindsay Parker

 There are three ways to participate in Passion Biz:  one, as a Selling Agent, two as a Subscriber, three as a Friend. 

 Selling Agents are business owners. They earn commissions full- or part-time, doing what they love to do, that is to say, changing peoples’ lives by helping them do the same thing they are doing. A selling agent is an independent contractor and owns his own business. Now, just because you know what your passion is or understand The Success Club and its principles, doesn’t  mean you can make money as a business owner. So, another arm of Passion Biz is teaching selling agents how to be business owners and salesmen. What if you don’t want to be a business owner or salesman? Then join a "Club" as a subscriber. Obviously, that will be the club of your passion. If you don’t know what your passion is, join The Success Club as a subscriber; and we will help you find your passion. Then keep doing your job for the rest of your life or until you are ready to become a selling agent and work your way out of that job. The Passion Biz website ( is designed for selling agents. Selling agents pay $50 per month to access their Passion Biz site and the back office for team and client data and training. Those in Passion Biz get a free subscription to The Success Club.  This is done because we know The Success Club will help you be a better salesman and business owner. They also get one other free subscription to a passion club (the club that deals with your passion), if it exists.

Subscribers pay a monthly fee for subscriptions to the various Clubs (currently The Hunt'n & Fish'n Club and The Success Club). The subscription is a great value for a NUT (one of our subscribers), such as the monthly online magazine, “members only” section of the website, exclusive videos and tutorials, participation in contests and give aways, exclusive trips and products at a discount, referral credits, and much more. You will become part of that Club community. It will be something that you’ve never experienced before. In our “practice company” we developed a camraderie, even a brotherhood, that I have never experienced in any other setting. It is something I can’t even describe. Every month I run into one of these former comrades and, almost without exception, they say, “Boy, I miss the old days of the Biz!” Well, I’m here to tell them, and you, the best is yet to come! Subscribers pay $25 per month to access all the benefits of the Club.  Subscribers cannot sell and earn commissions like a Passion Biz selling agent, BUT they can receive referral credits for referring potential subscribers to a selling agent. If a referree subscribes to a Club, the referring subscriber will earn a $5 per month referral credit (up to 5 credits).

Friends purchase products and services from selling agents. Friends are neither Selling Agents or Subscribers.

Vision – One day Passion Biz will have hundreds, if not thousands, of Clubs associated with it, from The Golf Club to The Scrapbooking Club. There is no limit to how many Clubs there can be (since there is no limit to the number of passions). There will be millions of NUTS (subscribers) subscribing to their Passion Biz "Club" subscription.

Partners are co-owners with Passion Biz on a Club site (i.e. The Golf Club). My passions are hunting, fishing, and self-improvement, so I must find a partner who is a golf nut to run The Golf Club. These partners will be co-owners in those Passion Biz  Clubs. Passion Biz will supply the blueprint, structure, website and the marketing. The partner will supply the content and the enthusiasm for the Club.

Criterion for adding new Club sites:

                  1.  There must be a new partner to run the content of the new site.

        2.  There must be 100 people interested in the new Club.


 Marketing  Passion Biz will be in charge of all the marketing. Initially, it will be in a direct marketing format. Passion Biz reserves the right to use other formats in the future.

Initial rollout – January 2014 Passion Biz will begin in earnest. It will have three websites:,,

 Passion Biz – the Passion Biz website is for selling agents

Success Club – is for subscribers who have a passion for self-improvement

Hunt'n & Fish'n Club – is for subscribers who have a passion for hunting and fishing


What do Subscribers get with the $25 per month subscription?

      1.    Monthly online magazine

      2.     Access to members section of the website (videos, how to’s, etc.)

      3.     Member-only product purchases

      4.     Discounts on trips

      5.     Referral credits ($5 per referral, up to 5)

 6.  And much more

What are the Subscribers purchasing?

      1.     Subscribers purchase a subscription to their Club for $25 per month.

      2.     Subscribers can purchase related big ticket items (i.e. Hunt'n & Fish'n Club – hunting and fishing trips, etc.  Success Club – Boot Camps, Coaching programs, etc.) at a discount.

      3.     Subscribers purchase trips (i.e. Hunt'n & Fish'n Club – hunting or fishing trips.  Success Club – training cruises) at a discount.

      4.     Subscribers purchase product (i.e. Hunt'n & Fish'n Club – camera mount, fishing rods, etc.  Success Club – book, tape, etc.) at a discount.

 CLUB GOAL:  Our goal is to provide so much value, fun and excitement in each Club subscription that every passionate person (NUT) will “have to have” the $25 per month subscription.

 Passion Biz Scenario

Joe is 35 years old.  He works for the power company in town and makes $5000 per month.  He lives to hunt and fish but only take one week vacation per year to go on the annual deer hunt (because his other two vacation weeks are used up at Christmas time and the family summer vacation.).  He hunts and fishes every weekend he can.  His job is a job and it pays the bills.  Joe has a nice house (with a $250,000 mortgage and 25 years to go), a new truck (owes $30,000 and 4 more years to go), he owes $6000 in credit cards (pays the minimum for another 5 years), has $75,000 in his company 401(k), and plans to retire when he is 65 years old.

Joe is the typical American that is on the treadmill of life and see no way out until he is old and near dead.


How can Passion Biz, the Success Club, and the Hunt'n and Fish'n Club change Joe's life?  First, Joe joins Passion Biz as a selling agent ($399 one time and $50/mon).  When Joe joins he now has access to the full benefits of Passion Biz, Success Club, and Hunt'n and Fish'n Club.  Second, Joe get into the Success Club:  takes the Passion Test to help him find his passion or verify that his passion is hunting and fishing.  He also does the full life evaluation provide by the Success Club.  Part of the full life evaluation is the Financial Evaluation.  Joe takes the Financial Evaluation, which will help Joe see where he is financially and help him put a plan in place to help Joe be completely out of debt in 9 years instead of 25.  Joe will learn how being a selling agent will help him build residual income that will help him retire in 9 years at a substantial higher level of comfort then just the old standard company 401(k).  Joe's passion for hunting and fishing is turned into a business that now legally permits him to write off all fishing and hunting related activities, the tax savings alone will more than pay for the cost of Passion Biz.  Joe is so excited about what he has learned and is doing, he tells everyone he knows and the more he helps the more he makes and the better his becomes.

Folks, life is a great adventure don't waste it doing anything that you don't love!  Join Passion Biz today and be a part of the revolution that is sweeping the country, helping people take back their lives and live a life of Passion, Purpose, and Destiny.


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