Passion Biz Philosophy 1                                                                           by Lindsay Parker

Who are you? When someone describes your life, is it what you imagined your life would be? What will be your contribution to the world?
            I am Lindsay Parker, the owner of Passion Biz. Passion Biz has been a dream, goal, passion, and purpose of mine for more than 20 years. My desire is to change the world by helping ordinary people find their passions and helping them spend more time living a life of purpose, until they find their unique life's purpose! You need to realize that this is probably the most important thing you can know and do in this life.  
            Once someone knows what their passion is, next comes the development of the passion into a skill and then an expertise. Once you are one of the best there is at your passion, people will pay for that skill, knowledge and expertise. When you use your passion for the enjoyment and betterment of man, you now have your life's purpose and, eventually, your destiny. 
            Let me give you an example to help illustrate this point. One of my passions is fishing. I have loved fishing ever since I was a young boy. A few years ago, I decided I wanted to guide fishermen on the river near my home. The problem was that I was a spin fisherman and most people, especially those with money, want to fly fish. I was not a good fly fisherman. So, that first year, I fly fished over 100 days on the river. I got pretty good. Now, a few years later, I consider myself a great fly fisherman; and people will pay me for my expertise. In fact, last year I took out an older gentleman, who said he had been fly fishing for ten years. His wife cut in, saying, "Yeah, but you never catch anything!" and he agreed. Well, in less than a half day of fly fishing on the river, he had caught close to a dozen fish—and a couple of really big ones! He was as giddy as a little boy. His daughter called me later that week to thank me and said it had been one of the best days of his life.
            Not only had I taken one of my passions and worked on it to reach an expert level, but I had taken a passion and turned it into a purpose. You see, passion plus service equals purpose; and a life of living your purpose creates your destiny! Passion is the fuel, the energy, that you need in order to get you through the tough times. Passion without service is hollow because you are only blessing yourself, not others. God blessed you with gifts that only you possess. It's your job to find your gift and use it for the betterment of all mankind. That becomes your unique life's purpose.
            I've heard it said, "That all sounds nice, but that doesn't pay the bills!" Initially, that is true; and it will take a lot of hard work, maybe a lifetime, to get your passion and purpose to pay off. However, how many people make money or a living doing what they love to do, that is to say, in their passion? Very, very, few!  Most people, at best, work doing something they enjoy and, at worst, doing something they despise. But even those that enjoy their work, would quit today if they could do what they really loved! Why is this? How did we get in this predicament? I believe the biggest problem is most people end up in a job by default. What does that mean? It means you don’t plan what you want to be or do, so life takes over and you panic and do what pays the bills. Once the money starts coming in, you relax and start to buy things that will trap you in your job for the rest of your life, instead of living your dreams. Even if you planned what you wanted to do, it may have been for the wrong reason (i.e. money, status, you thought you’d like it, etc.), instead of basing your decision on what you were meant to do—your passion, your purpose and your destiny! 
            Passion Biz was designed and built to change all this. It was designed to do two things. First, and foremost, to help you find your passion. Second, to help you make money immediately in your passion. We will help you find your passion, if you don’t already know what it is, and help you love the rest of your life! It doesn't matter if you currently have a job. We will help you earn money in your passion, part-time, until you can replace your current income. This reduces the risk and lets you start working on your dreams today!
            My first goal is to help you find your passion. If you already know what that is, great, you can move on to the next step. If you don’t, we have tools to help you. The Success Club has this as its core principle; that is to say, helping you find your passion. My second goal is to help you develop that passion into a skill, talent, and expertise. This is where the other Clubs come into the picture. The Clubs are communities built around passions. My passions are fishing, hunting, self-improvement, and helping people change their lives into lives of passion. Therefore, we currently have two clubs—The Hunt'n and Fish'n Club and The Success Club, built around my passions. In the future, there will be hundreds of other Clubs built around your passion and everyone else's passion. My third goal is to help you turn your passion into a business (and purpose). This is what makes Passion Biz so important to you. You don't have to quit your job, you don't have to invest thousands of dollars; we already have the vehicle in place. All you need to do is take advantage of what we have spent so many years developing for you!  You will start out part-time and eventually become full-time. 
            The more people you help, the sooner you will realize the dream of making a full-time living in your passion. Helping others do the same, you will develop a life of purpose. Let's find your passion and let's use your gifts in doing what only you can do, that is living your unique life's purpose! Keep the faith, stay hungry, and never, never give up!

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