Hunting Pants - Finally!

I've been a hunter my whole life and one of my pet pevs has been that there are not any good hunting pants.  About fifteen years ago, my good hunting buddy, Dennis Wintch, introduced me to the Wranglers dress pants, they are 100 percent polyester, and the filled the complete void out there.  They are cheap, they cost around forty dollars and they last forever.  The replaced the cotton Levis that are the worst possible hunting pant made.  Cotton is good for comfort in dry conditions but if you add water, it equals disassater in the outdoor world.  There have been many synthetic pant made in the last fifteen years but they fit like a part of sweat pants.  The Wrangles fit snug and move well in hunting conditions.  They do have a few problems.  Number one is they snag. If you get the hooked on a barbed wire fence or snag a hook in them they start to look terrible.  Also, like any polyester, they don't do well against fire!  Layering is possible but you need to go up one size, then you can wear polyester underwear under them.  You can also get overalls and wear them over the top of you polys.

About I year ago I discover the 5.11 Tactical pants.  These are pants worn by the law enforcement community.  They are excellent.  The lowest grade the original tacticals are terrible, they are made of cotton and fix like a sack.  You are better off in a pair of Carhart work pants.  The Ridgeline are excellent. They are a thin 65% polyester and 35% cotton blend. The Traverse are excellent as well.  They are 87% polyester and 13% spandex. Polyester is  the key to wicking and decreased water retension.  The spandex in the Traverse makes them very flexible.  The major downfall of these pants are they are thin so they are great in warm weather but to cool in winter.  You can wear poly underwear of almost all thickness under the Traverse without increasing the size, so that is a big plus.

All the above mensioned pants are not underproof, so if you are out in the rain and the snow you have a problem.  Now enters the Sitka Downpour waterproof pants.  They are expensive at $240 but well worth it.  Most over pants fit so poorly that they are hard to wear for extented hiking.  Not so with the Downpour.  Also they are super easy to pull on and out over your pants and boots.  There are two way zippers that go clear up the side to the waist, as well as pocket zippers, and a fly zipper!  All the zippers are waterproof as well. 

So if you want to save money buy the dress Wrangler poly pants.  One size for warm weather, one size up for cold weather and wear poly underwear to your desired thickness.  Use the cheap $40 Frog Toggs for rain and snow.

The best setup is a pair of Ridgeline and Traverse 5.11 tacticals. The ridgeline for warm weather (and dress) and the Traverse with poly underwear for winter, and the Sitka Downpour for rain and snow!

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