Shane Lance B.S., M.Ed.

What is fitness?  Well, many people see it as something extreme.  We all know those folks that get up bright and early and go run several miles before breakfast.  They talk about the "runner's high".  They travel all over and pay money to torture themselves in greuling marathon races.  They talk about how rough it was, how sore they are, and they can't wait to do it again. You have the crossfit maniacs that push themselves to the brink of destruction in a short amount of time.  They talk about how "wicked"the workout was, how sore they are, and can't wait to do it again.  Let's not forget the musclehead "Gym Rats" that begin to panic if they have to miss a day in the weight room.  These things are great and I admire such driven individuals.

I hate running.  I'm more of the "Gym Rat" kind of guy.  I often say things like, "I don't run unless whatever is coming at me could hurt me worse than running could."  We all have our preferred methods of torture in the name of fitness and health.  However, fitness doesn't have to be torture.  I know people that like to stay in shape by hiking around in the hills looking for pretty rocks or taking pictures.  Some like to go for long walks down trails or through parks while visiting with freinds and family.  Hey, even hiking and wading up and down rivers flipping your fly rod back and forth thousands of times is a great form of exercise.  The point is, find something that you love to do that gets you active and works your body beyond your day to day routine.  The human body was designed to be moving.  Just like an old truck will sit and rust and decay when it gets parked out in the field and no longer driven, our bodies start to get "rusty" when we just park somewhere with little movement.  There are so many activities and movements that we can do to get and stay in shape that there really is no excuse.  Find something you can enjoy and get out there and get moving.  If you can't find time, make time.  It's that important.