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Lindsay's Monster Brown on the Provo River

Lindsay took this 7 pound German Brown on the Provo River in Utah during the fall spawn.  He calls it THE WARRIOR because of all its scars!


Utah Seven Trout Slam Challenge Week

Utah Trout Slam Challenge Week!

June 13 - 18th is the Fish Slam Club Utah 7 challenge!

We are going to see who can catch all seven species of trout in one week!

Rainbow Trout, German Brown, Cuthroat, Brooky, Tiger Trout, Splake, and Lake Trout!

Also keep tract of the size as well, we will have a total inches comparison as well!  


Spring is here! Are you ready to go fishing!

Spring means that rainbows are spawning, it may be a little chilly at times but it can be some of the best fishing of the year!


First Post in the Fish Slam Club Blog

Here's my best fish!



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