Hunters who have taken proper care of their animal in the feild and then aged the meat know how delicious it can be Even rutting buck and bulls can make great table fare, if prepared properly.

Years ago we were a bit hesitant when cooking a buck taken in the peak of rut.  he was the strongest smelling deer we'd ever harvested.  This recipe was developed specifcaly for the taste of game venison, as it combines a very flaorful marinade and gravy and come out delicious ever time.


1 pound of steaks (cut 1/2" Thick)


2 table spoon of peanut oil


Place in a sealable plastic bag with Marinade 30 min to 12 hours in the refrigerater


In a large skillet heat the peanut oil on high heat and cook steaks to the desired heat temp

prepare the gravy

Caper Gravy

2 Tlbs butter, 1/2 cup Onions, 4 shallots finely sliced, 1/4 cup capers chopped, 2 tablespoons of flour, 1 cup of beef broth, 1 cup of water,1/4 cup of fresh parsley chopped, 1/2 teaspoon of white pepper, Salt to taste.

In a heated skillet, melt butter on medium heat.  add onions and shallots and saute' util tender add capers and sprinkle flour evenly over the skillet.  Slowly add the broth and water to the mixter until thick.  Pour over the steaks and enjoy.


John Diamond