This is a great dish that I made up and I see that lots of people have their version



2 Lbs ground beef

1 Onion

1-2 pkg of taco seasoning

1 pkg of tostadas

1 pkg of flour tortillas

1 jar of Pace Med Picante sauce

1 jar of green Verde sauce

2 cans of black olives

bag of Mexican blend cheese

If you like heat don’t forget the Jalapeno’s


In a sauce pan or skillet add a small amount of oil and butter and cook onions add ground beef and cook.  When the meat is almost done add the taco seasoning.  Mix well and drain off the grease. Add ½ the picante sauce to the meat and prepare the layers.  I like to slice the olives and mix ½ in now.


Get a 9x13 glass pan and begin the layer with tostadas, then meat, then cheese and then flour tortillas and repeat until you reach the top.


I like to take the sauce and make it look like the Mexican flag.  But you can do whatever you like.

 I hope you enjoy Captain/Chef John