Recipes Brisket

Brine for 3 days.


   1gallon water

   1cup salt

   1cup sugar

   1/3cup dark brown sugar

   1/4cup Himalayan/Pink salt

   1/3cup honey

   6ea garlic cloves

   2 Tbls black peppercorns

   2 Tbls yellow mustard seeds

   2 Tbls coriander seeds

   2 Tbls red chili flakes

   2 Tbls allspice

   2 Tbls ground mace

   2ea cinnamon stick, crushed

   3 Tbls dried bay leaves, crumbled

   2 Tbls whole cloves

   4 Tbls ground ginger

Toast the mustard seeds, black peppercorns, and coriander seeds. Combine all the ingredients in a large stock pot and bring to a boil. Cool over ice water.

   2Tbls coriander seeds

   3Tbls black peppercorns

   2Tbls fennel seeds

   2Tbls yellow mustard seeds

   1Tbls smoked paprika

Remove the brisket from brine. Thoroughly rinse brisket in cold water and pat dry.

Toast all spices and grind in a spice grinder to a medium coarse grind.

Firmly press spice rub firmly into the brisket portions, being sure to cover the entire surface.

Place the brisket portions on a wire rack on a sheet tray with rack. Refrigerate until ready to smoke.

   1 ea spice rubbed brisket

Set the brisket in the smoker with the large pieces on the top.

Cook at 225 F until the brisket reads at an internal temperature of 180 F, approximately 12 hours.

Smoke with wet Maple, Hickory, Apple or Cherry wood chips you want lots of smoke flavor three times throughout the cooking process.

When done wrap in plastic and cool at room temperature for one hour then chill for at least one day.

Reheat brisket in the steam oven at 180 F for 45 minutes.