Are you an Automotive Person, an Automotive Enthusiast, or an Automotive Nut?

If you are an automotive nut, there is no hesitation answering with a resounding “Yes!”  If you are between enthusiast and nut, you may hesitate to decide.  Perhaps the following will help you decide:

Automotive Person

You like your automobile and maybe even take good care of it.  You see your auto as a tool to get you from point A to point B.  If you have to sell it, it is no big deal.

Automotive Enthusiast

You love cars and trucks.  You take good care of the one you drive.  Not only do you want it to last and run well, you want it too look good.  You enjoy going to car shows and seeing cars and trucks all fixed up, and you wish you had the time and money.  You tend to hang on to cars/trucks for sentimental reasons.

Automotive Nut!

You go above and beyond person and enthusiast.  You probably have several automobiles.  You have your family car, your work car/truck, your “good gas mileage” travel car, and probably have at least one or two project cars/trucks.  You have cars/trucks you will never part with even when strangers often knock on your door and offer to buy it.  You look at your projects often and visualize how they will look when they are finished.  You cuss at your project when you work on it but you put in hours working on it anyway.  You scare others when you are driving down the road and suddenly slam on your brakes because you saw an old car/truck in someone’s yard.  You go to car shows and hate to leave.  When you do leave, you can’t wait to get home and get to work on a project while dreaming of someday having it in the car show.  You talk to total strangers about their car.  When you discover another Automotive Nut, it is like you have been friends forever.  You have plenty to talk about.  You may have even had your spouse and kids sitting in the car honking because you have been there too long talking cars.  There is even more but all this talk about cars makes me want to go check on prices for a quarter panel for my ’69 Roadrunner.