How often do you find yourself saying,"Someday i am going to ...."?  Especially when it comes to restoring cars.  "Someday I am going to fix up that old car."   See an old car sitting in a field or by a house.  Stop in and tell the owner you'd like to buy it.  "Nope. Sorry.  Someday I am going to fix it up" is the usual answer.  Then you see it sit there for years and years untouched.  The sad part is, I have several of those someday cars myself.  I keep vowing to quit saying "Someday".  This has got to stop!  Let's make someday today.  What if I start with 20-30 minutes a day for a little while?  Hmm.  I think I will give it a shot.  How many "Someday" cars do you have?  How long have you had those 'Someday" cars?  Let me know so I don't feel like I am the only one ha ha.