Shane Lance

As you can see from the date of the last blog I posted, I have been slacking.  Well, that changes now.  Blogging can be a lot like restoring old cars.  You know, everyone that has an old car project starts out saying, "Someday I'm gonna fix her up."  There are those that get right on it and spend every moment and dollar they can and see it through.  These are the ones that show off their work at all the summer car shows.  Then, there are those who start out with good intentions but other things get in the way.  Well, I have lots of "someday" intentions for this blog and the Passion Biz Auto Restoration Club.  The past little while I let things get in the way.  Now, here I go.  Not only am I going to do the things I want with Passion Biz ARC, but I am also going to get cranking on those auto projects.  2019 is the year!  If you have one of those auto projects, get going!  let's get these old beautiful machines back on the road!