1940 Ford, modified by a Minnesota mail carrier

Shane Lance

I have seen some crazy modifications out there.  Some mods are subtle like an old car set on a newer frame for the disc brakes, power steering, and a smoother suspension.  Other mods are outrageously obvious.  I knew a girl once that took an old Ford Mustang and put it on a monster truck 4X4 frame.  It was surprisingly cool.  I have dreams of mild mods myself.  For example, I have a 1979 Ford F150 rolling chassis.  I have my eyes peeled for a 1940-1958? cab and bed to throw on there.  Wouldn't that be cool?  

If anyone out there has or sees a cool mod, send me a pic and some information on it at passionbizarc@yahoo.com.  Let's show it off!