So, a while back I was visiting with some friends.  I told them that I had made a decision.  Since I am madly in love with all of my projects and will probably never part with them, I decided to get some project automobiles that I do not like.  This way, once I get them fixed up, I won't want to keep them.

Well, today I was browsing around in the local classified ads and low and behold, there were two cars that I found rather ugly for a very low price.  I looked up pics of the cars and how they look fixed up.  I still didn't like them.  They passed the test.  Now, here I am with no money.  Two ugly cars at an amazing price.  I could end up sleeping outside for the winter if I show up with them at home.  I could make a little money.  Best of all, i could make some people really happy to have those cars all fixed up.  

What a situation!  Not sure what will happen.  I shouldn't have told anyone my plan.