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Lindsay's Bison 2015

Here's Lindsay's 2015 Bison taken about one-quarter mile from where Dave Prince just took his 2007 bull!


Buffalo Down!

David Prince - Passion Biz Selling Agent and Huntn & Fishn Club Subscriber 

Took this monster Bison in North East Utah this morning.  It was -7 degrees!

Great work Dave!


My Best Bull Yet

I killed this beautiful 6 X 8 bull elk on the Wasatch Mtn. Limited Entry Elk hunt this year!  It's my best bull yet.  It scored around 330.  It's wasn't super heavy and the third points were weak, but I like it.  I pasted up several others, including a 373 bull.  I'm not a great judge of elk.  I guess it's time to get back to deer hunting!



June is fishing month

June is fishing month!

If you haven't been out fishing, June is the month to do it.  The water temperatures are warming up so the fish become much more aggressive.  Also the bugs are hatching in the warmer weather so you dry fly fishermen will have a hay day!  Don't let this month go by without wetting a line!




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