I LOVE music!!! It requires every part of me to be fully engaged. It challenges me at every level. It makes me work for it. The best things in life are those that you have fought for and earned, that you can truly call your own. Of course there are countless hands that have helped us along the way and we could have never made it without them. But it is ourself who put in the endless hours and chose to never give up on our dreams. The hard work is what fuels our fire and keeps us alive. When we are truly passionate about our work then we have succeeded. Everything else that follows is just icing on the cake. It is the little things we do everyday, the steps we take to climb our Vision mountain that make us who we are. Each little step will ultimately lead to the summit of our dreams. The Circle of Fifths is my reminder that no matter where you are when you decide to start living your greatest passion, whether you have a vast understanding or none at all, it is the choice to begin that is what makes all things possible. Never giving up and believing in yourself creates miracles. Nothing we can imagine is out of reach, all we have to do is try. Music is my greatest passion and I believe we live up to the Vision we hold of who we think we are. I am excited to be a part of PassionBiz and turn my goals into reality, to make a living by living my passion!

~Celeste Conquer