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My1st truck 1979 Toyota 4x4






I traded my Datsun 240z in for my first truck Toyota 1979 4x4!

They are both on my list!

Old Reliable


Shane Lance

Hopped in the old 79 this morning.  Fired right up.   Here it is outside my work.  One thing I like about these old fords is that they look good even when they are rusty and need some paint ha ha.  New cab corners, new bed sides, and new paint and this truck will be sweet again.

If you would like to share your restoration project, finished or just getting started, send me some pics and a brief description at  Can't wait to see what you've got.

Good Old Willy

Check out this awesome project from Guy Kellogg:

"I traded some horse shoeing for this beautiful truck.  I can't wait to see it run."

My ideal bowhunting bike

My uncle had an old Honda 90 like this one on Grandpa's farm.  I learned to ride a motorcycle on it.

Well for road hunting, bowhunting, if you cruise along the mountain road and see a nice buck, you just strandle the bike and let it run off the road by itself.  The buck watches the bike while you draw and bam!

Obviously, they are no longer made so, I have all the parts, now I just need to put it together!



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